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win-win-horse-racing-tips.com http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com The Number One Blog Site For Winning Horse Racing Tips Mon, 23 Jun 2014 13:25:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.5.13 Memberships still available http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/memberships-still-available/ http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/memberships-still-available/#respond Mon, 23 Jun 2014 13:25:36 +0000 http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/?p=287 PferderennenWe still have a few memberships available……….it only costs £50 per month……..and you will receive a minimum of 50 quality tips each month………….so that’s less than £1 per tip!

With our track record you will be making a substantial profit in no time.

To join just sign-up on our ‘Home’ page.

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Get today’s tips for Royal Ascot! http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/get-todays-tips-for-royal-ascot/ http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/get-todays-tips-for-royal-ascot/#respond Tue, 17 Jun 2014 08:49:48 +0000 http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/?p=284 Horse logo vectorRoyal Ascot, one of the highlights of the flat racing season, starts today and we have already sent out two well priced tips to our subscribers.

If you haven’t joined us yet, just sign-up on our ‘Home’ page and we will direct you to our membership page. It only costs £50 per month to receive a guaranteed minimum of 50 quality tips per month………that’s less than £1 per tip!

Join us now and you can still get today’s two tips for Royal Ascot!!   

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Another 2 WINNERS yesterday and over 26 points profit this week so far! http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/another-2-winners-yesterday-and-over-26-points-profit-this-week-so-far/ http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/another-2-winners-yesterday-and-over-26-points-profit-this-week-so-far/#respond Sat, 07 Jun 2014 10:34:31 +0000 http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/?p=245 winnerWe hope you followed our tips yesterday if you have signed-up to get our FREE TIPS e-mailed to you. In fact we hope you have followed our advice all week……WHY? Well, both of yesterday’s tips romped home, winning at 7/2 and 5/2 respectively. And, if you have followed our selections and staking advice ………you will be sitting on a total of 26.25 points clear profit so far this week!! If you staked at a modest £10 per point………that’s over £265 in your pocket. If you stake £100 per point……..you would have a massive TWO THOUSAND, SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY TWO pounds profit!! We will be sending out our Epsom Derby selection shortly……plus a few more FREE TIPS later this morning to our members.



BUT yesterday was the final day of our 3 months introductory FREE TIPS period………..you can see from this week alone just how good our service is………..why not join us as a subscriber……….at less than £1 per tip it’s a no brainer when you see the sorts of profits we are making!

The first step is to sign-up on the form on our ‘Home’ page.

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14.25 points profit so far this week!! http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/14-25-points-profit-so-far-this-week/ http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/14-25-points-profit-so-far-this-week/#respond Fri, 06 Jun 2014 10:08:31 +0000 http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/?p=220 money older coupleAnother winner yesterday from our two selections giving us a modest 1 point net profit on the day……..and a whopping 14.25 points net profit so far this week

If you bet at £100 per point ………..thats an amazing ONE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE POUNDS PROFIT, so far this week………….and all on FREE TIPS!!!

We are shortly moving to a paid service but you can surely afford the proposed £50 per month fee when we are providing such a profitable service.

If you haven’t joined us yet…….there are still a few days of FREE TIPS left before we move to the paid service.

                                                                                                                              Go to our ‘Home’ page and sign-up NOW


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One FREE TIP today = One WINNER! http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/one-free-tip-today-one-winner/ http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/one-free-tip-today-one-winner/#respond Tue, 03 Jun 2014 21:14:19 +0000 http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/?p=218 Horse logo jumpingOnly one FREE TIP issued to subscribers today……….but that’s o.k. when it is a recommended maximum 3 point bet which comes in at 7/4 as advised.

So over today and yesterday, if you followed our FREE TIPS, you would have 13.25 points clear profit!

That’s a decent return by anyone’s standards.

As we advised last week, we will soon be moving to a paid service………but for now, if you haven’t subscribed yet, go to our ‘Home’ page and sign-up for FREE WINNING TIPS! 

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Another profitable day yesterday! http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/another-profitable-day-yesterday/ http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/another-profitable-day-yesterday/#respond Tue, 03 Jun 2014 11:09:54 +0000 http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/?p=216 PferderennenNice 9/4 winner tipped yesterday giving us a net 2.5 points profit over two bets.

We are picking up regular profits now as we get into the flat racing season and the form becomes easier to follow and the information from our expert contacts becomes even more reliable.

So every prospect of good fortune if you follow our tips……they are still FREE…..for now!

If you haven’t joined us yet………..go to our ‘Home’ page NOW 


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3 WINNERS in last 3 days FREE TIPS! http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/3-winners-in-last-3-days-free-tips/ http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/3-winners-in-last-3-days-free-tips/#respond Sat, 31 May 2014 09:39:30 +0000 http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/?p=214 Horse racingOver our last 3 days of FREE TIPS we have had 3 WINNERS and a net profit of 12.4 points……..at a stake of £10 per point, that’s a neat £124 clear profit!

There’s still time to join us and get some FREE TIPS before we move to a paid service next week……..just go to our ‘Home’ page …….it only takes a second……and you could be getting FREE TIPS today!

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4 FREE TIPS sent out today! http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/4-free-tips-sent-out-today/ http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/4-free-tips-sent-out-today/#respond Fri, 30 May 2014 11:45:20 +0000 http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/?p=212 PferderennenOur subscribers just had another 4 FREE TIPS sent out to them for an evening meeting today. Plenty of time to get their bets on and follow up our great run of WINNERS in the last few days.

If you haven’t signed up yet………please just go to our ‘Home’ page…..it only takes a moment to join our service and get the last few days of FREE TIPS before we move to a paid service next week.

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Another WINNER! http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/another-winner/ http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/another-winner/#respond Wed, 28 May 2014 17:51:27 +0000 http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/?p=208 WIN_WIN_DICEOnly 1 tip today…….and Dico in the 4.25 at Cartmel came in at 3/1. Hope you took our advice and had a 2 point win bet.

So combined with yesterday’s profitable day……that’s a very nice 12.5 points profit in just two days!

At say, £10 per point……..that’s £125 net profit over the last two days……….all costing you zilch with our FREE TIPS service!!

We have provided our FREE TIPS service since early March but will be moving to a paid service soon…….we will be posting full details shortly……but the cost is only going to be £50 per month. We will be guaranteeing at least 50 quality tips per month, so that’s just a cost of £1 per tip.

We hope you agree that’s very good value when you consider that just the last two days FREE TIPS have produced £125 profit!!

Watch this space and continue to make more profits with our FREE TIPS in the meantime.

If you haven’t signed up with us yet, you can still do so on our ‘Home’ Page and be eligible for FREE TIPS right away!!



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Another profitable day ahead? http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/another-profitable-day-ahead/ http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/another-profitable-day-ahead/#respond Wed, 28 May 2014 10:35:36 +0000 http://win-win-horse-racing-tips.com/?p=203 Close raceFollowing on from yesterday’s great results……..we have already sent a 3/1 FREE TIP to our members today. We expect to be sending more tips later today too!

If you haven’t already signed up……..just go to our ‘Home’ page and get on board now…….it’s not too late to get today’s tips!!

By the way……we are moving to a paid service soon …..so you only have a few days left of our FREE TIPS service. Get with us now to see just how profitable our service is!


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