Another WINNER!

WIN_WIN_DICEOnly 1 tip today…….and Dico in the 4.25 at Cartmel came in at 3/1. Hope you took our advice and had a 2 point win bet.

So combined with yesterday’s profitable day……that’s a very nice 12.5 points profit in just two days!

At say, £10 per point……..that’s £125 net profit over the last two days……….all costing you zilch with our FREE TIPS service!!

We have provided our FREE TIPS service since early March but will be moving to a paid service soon…….we will be posting full details shortly……but the cost is only going to be £50 per month. We will be guaranteeing at least 50 quality tips per month, so that’s just a cost of £1 per tip.

We hope you agree that’s very good value when you consider that just the last two days FREE TIPS have produced £125 profit!!

Watch this space and continue to make more profits with our FREE TIPS in the meantime.

If you haven’t signed up with us yet, you can still do so on our ‘Home’ Page and be eligible for FREE TIPS right away!!



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